Tikkun Home

Transitional home for 6 to 8 women coping with mental illness. Our members faithfully serve meals four evenings per month in addition to donating toiletries, dishes, Christmas gifts, bedding and carpeting. Ongoing weekly event.

Group/Individual Contact: Jennifer Velez

Summer Student Internship

6 – 8 week discipleship training program for high school and college youth. Paid internship begins with two week training at PSR with prayer tour in LA and four to six weeks of ministry work at their local churches. Check with SECC for information on coursework and how to market to other church youth groups.

Group/Individual Contact: Pastor Mario Perez & SECC contact – Eric Penick

Product of the Week

Food drive collected weekly at church and delivered to Interfaith Food Pantry.

Group/Individual Contact: Jani McGee announces what the product is and who won the parking spot & Lucy Morris delivers the food each week

Orange Glen High School

Gift cards for clothing, bus passes and school supplies are donated to needy students on an ongoing basis.

Group/Individual Contact: Sylvia McChesney

Interfaith Community Services (ICS)

We partner with over 400 other faith groups through one central agency to provide basic needs to those regaining self-sufficiency. By combining our resources, Interfaith offers our neighbors food, shelter, sobering center, veteran’s assistance, computer lab, career center, laundry, mail, showers, tax and legal services. There are lots of ways to help.

Group/Individual Contact: Interfaith Community Services – Mary Ferro

Help Make a Home: Adopt-A-Unit and Mentor-A-Family

Interfaith Community Services currently has many apartment homes and families needing your love and attention. By ‘Adopting-A-Unit’, you are helping prepare one of our more than 80 apartment units for a new family to move in. Preparations can include painting, minor home repairs, and furnishing of the home with furniture and basic house-wares, such a bedding, linens, and small kitchen appliances.

Be involved and mentor the new family through Interfaith’s Mentor-A-Family program. Support the family in helping achieve their goals by providing guidance, encouragement, and a support system that will propel the family to self-sufficiency.

We have adopted two families to care for and mentor in their new homes. We have also participated in such events as, block parties, and craft days, clean up days, apartment make-ready and planting gardens.

Group/Individual Contact: Interfaith Community Services – Mary Ferro

Escondido Youth Leaders Association

Partnership between youth leaders from our church, the Methodist Church and Episcopal Church. We provide a community Easter Sunrise Service, weekly summer beach days, Back-to-School BBQ and Thanksgiving weekend celebration (including Can Hunger! food drive).

Group/Individual Contact: Pastor Mario Perez

Dreaming of a Violence-Free Escondido (D.O.V.E.)

DOVE explores solutions to violence and prays for the victim, his family, law enforcement and others the tragedy has touched. Our church meets with the DOVE group whenever a violent death occurs in Escondido for a candlelight vigil.

Group/Individual Contact: Mary Anne Dijak

Disaster Relief

Our church has provided gift cards and donations of clothing, coats, food, appliances, furniture and help with shelter and housing site clean up following wildfire disasters. We are also seeking to create an on-call response team for local relief following disasters affecting 10 families or fewer.

Group/Individual Contact: Pastor Steve Blue

Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP)

An ongoing ministry to our church and community members to help improve their health through simple lifestyle and diet changes.

Group/Individual Contact: Herb Sorensen